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  • In Too Deep (ENG)

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    Welcome to the Hook Program, Agent. The Syndicate is trying to seize control of New Dawn City, and we can't let that happen. Our new program will let you hack into the minds of their criminal underlings as they enact their plot. Slip into their world and dig up the evidence we need to stop the Syndicate cold. 

    In Too Deep is a unique, narrative that thrusts you into the future in a tense, strategic board game dedicated for 1-4 players. Draft characters and spend actions to complete objectives and collect sets. You'll have to orchestrate a series of increasingly intense crimes in order to uncover the evidence you need, but beware! Living in a criminal mind is intoxicating... every move you make can pull you further down the path of corruption. You'll need to manipulate assets in the city while your rivals are exerting pressures of their own. If we manage to foil the plot, the most corrupt of us will pay a price for their recklessness; If we don't, they'll sell us out to the dark side. Will it be you? How close can you get to the Syndicate in pursuit of your mission without going in too deep?

    Hack into the minds of cyber-enhanced criminals. Manipulate their actions and gather the evidence we need to foil the Syndicate's sinister plot. One of you will betray us all... you just don't know it yet.

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    Card Sleeves for In Too Deep:
    Oversized 80x120mm (63 pcs)
    Mini European (72 pcs)
    Standard Card Game (8 pcs)

    Age: 13+
    No. of players: 1-5
    Playing time: 60-90 mins



    - 1 Rulebook
    - 8 Modular City Zone boards
    - 35 Story Crime Cards
    - 15 Side Crime Cards
    - 30 Cardboard Boost Tokens
    - 1 Syndicate Board
    - 1 Evidence Board
    - 5 Player Mats
    - 10 Cardboard Standees
    - 50 Wooden Grip Disks
    - 1 Wooden Sentinel Pawn
    - 72 Dilemma Cards
    - 72 Cardboard Evidence Tokens
    - 6 Cardboard Assignment Tokens
    - 8 Cardboard Item Tiles
    - 16 Cardboard Tolerance Tokens
    - 6 Wooden Heat Markers
    - 2 Wooden Blockades
    - 9 Wooden Contribution Cubes
    - 1 Wooden Chapter Marker Cube
    - Many Cardboard Intel Chits

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