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    The Artemis Project (ENG)

    199,90 zł

    Producent: Hippocampus
    Kod: 2411
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    "The terrain is both brutal and magnificent. My team and I are fighting against the odds and against other explorers to make a viable, sustainable colony on Jupiter’s smallest Galilean moon."

    Here on Europa, the frozen moon of Jupiter, it took decades to transform this ball of ice into a place that can just barely support human life. This is The Artemis Project.

    Humankind relies on you to build a colony beneath the moon’s icy surface. The submerged cavern, known as The Pocket, conceals all the raw materials you’ll need to succeed. Explore the rugged surface above and hidden oceans below, teeming with alien sea life beyond your wildest dreams.

    Are you the adventurer who will mold the brutal ways of Europa and establish the most successful outpost colony?

    How is it played?
    Players roll their pool of dice, taking turns placing them in the various zones of the board to gather and spend resources. Several zones use the innovative Exposure mechanism, which creates competitive tension through high dice placement with big gains and lower dice placement that diminishes your edge. Expand your facilities by bidding resources on different buildings, recruit the colonists with the skills you need, risk perilous expeditions for useful rewards and keep your eye on your rivals’ intentions. The player with the strongest colony wins the game.

    Uwaga! Gra w angielskiej wersji językowej.

    Opis gry w serwisie Boardgamegeek.com (j. angielski)

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    Stadard Card Game (25szt.)
    Oversized (16szt.)

    Wiek: od 8 lat
    Liczba graczy: 2
    Czas gry: 30 minut

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    Game Components in The Artemis Project:

    • 1 game board
    • 4 player mats
    • 44 building tiles
    • 15 expedition cards
    • 10 event cards
    • 75 Colonist markers (Pioneers, Engineers, Marines, and Stewards)
    • 35 Expedition badges
    • 35 Toolkit tokens
    • 60 Mineral tokens
    • 60 Energy tokens
    • 20 player dice
    • 4 resource dice
    • 1 phase marker
    • 1 event marker
    • 8 player markers
    • 1 awesome rulebook

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