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  • Ruins of Mars (ENG)

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     It is the year 2179 and the Earth’s future is bleak. Years of pollution has tarnished the landscape and the world’s supplies of natural resources have dwindled to abysmal levels.The use of electric vehicles, solar technologies and other energy saving solutions have slowed the problem. Though, the long-term abuse on the planet by previous generations has been hard to reverse. Most Earthlings seem to have given up hope. The demise of a once great planet is in sight - and there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it. However, a group of optimistic explorers are taking a trek to Mars, which some believe may turn around their fate. 

    In search of knowledge these explorers hope that understanding the demise of alien populations can assist them with preventing or at least slowing down the rapid deterioration of the Earth. They’ll need to replicate martian technologies, translate their languages and avoid gaining too much radiation along the way in order to end up with the most prestige and save the Earth as they know it.

    Ruins of Mars is a strategic board game in which players are deciphering alien languages as well as discovering and replicating alien technologies. In Ruins of Mars players will be playing as a character, each with their own special abilities, and will be seeking to replicate nine technologies to fill their player board and to shoot up the various language tracks as well. The game end trigger will occur when a certain number of capstone spots are taken on the language board or when any player completes their board.

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    Koszulki na karty do gry Ruins of Mars:
    Standard Card Game (5szt.)
    51x63mm (60szt.)
    Wiek: od 14 lat

    Liczba graczy: od 1 do 4
    Czas rozgrywki: 60-120 minut

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